Saturday, October 11, 2008

First Try at Blogging

I wanted to try blogging but had no idea what to say. Normally, I am not at a loss for words. But those words are usually in some context. In a blog you can rant on about anything. "Ranting?", I thought, "That is a good name and I love to rant". So that should be part of it. "But, why," I asked myself, "would anyone want to read my rantings". I actually managed to come up with a few answers. If they agree with my rantings but are not as good at putting their thoughts into words, then they might like to read my rantings and just nod in agreement. OK, I am making progress. Also, I can be funny, at times, especially when ranting so people might like to read my ranting to get a chuckle. This isn't so hard. But do I really want to create a totally negative blog persona that rants on about everything. Well, this has worked for some people. But, it isn't really me. I do have the odd useful insight as well. And people may well want to read my useful insights. I have a knack for being able to reduce things to there essence and to put them into perspective. So that should be a part of my blog also. Hence, I came up with the name Ranting and Reflecting. I hope this works or I will have another thing to rant about.

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Shuying said...

Cool! I also started Blogging on Oct. 12. However, I blogged in Chinese. :-)