Saturday, April 16, 2011

Getting the Instructor Out of the Loop

I was talking with a colleague, a few weeks age, about distance education and I said something along the lines of "education will not improve until we get the instructor out of the loop." I said it because I like to make bold and challenging statements. I like to make bold and challenging statements because, more often than not, they provide useful insights. Even if they are wrong, they give me something to think about. Some times they even resonate. Some times they turn out to be subtle truths.

When I made this statement, I had no idea how much it would resonate. Nor did I have any idea how I would come around to seeing it as a subtle truth.

I actually started this post a couple weeks ago because I had to think about it. I know how offensive it will be to many. I know how it will turn off a lot of people. But, after thinking about it very seriously I have decided that it needs to be said. In fact, I will clarify it just a bit and say that education will not improve until we get rid of teachers. Stay tuned. I think I can back up this outrageous claim.

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